What is the purpose of this site?


Did you know that about 100.000 domains are registered every single day?

Yeah, that’s right. One hundred thousand, and it’s only those ending with .com, not talking about all the rest.

After 3 months

  • 34% of these domains are still empty
  • 9% are parked somewhere and/or are for sale
  • 40% have some kind of html or other website on them
  • 17% have a WordPress blog or site hosted

That’s roughly 57.000 new sites, including 17.000 new WordPress blogs every single day!

That’s what I call competition!


Your site is one of those 57.000 sites that are built every single day.

Do you want to know how far the other 56.999 guys got during these 10-12 weeks?

Do you need help in building and improving your own site and getting more visitors?

We are closely monitoring the birth of new blogs and sites, create statistics and analyze strategies. We also write articles to help you improve your site and get the most out of WordPress.

Enter our site to see how your competition is doing and to learn how you could do even better. Get new ideas, learn and have fun!


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